Our Story

In the Spring of 2011, the idea of a new Christian Center designed to address the needs of socially disadvantaged people was brought forward to a group called “The Council of Servants,” a sub-ministry of Soul Harbor Christian Fellowship. The vision was to create a place where several like-minded Christian ministries could work together, share expenses, and create a community of caring and sharing. Over time, there became an ever growing list of ministries that could join or that could be created. A small group of interested people served as a board of directors to launch what would eventually be known as the Rochester Outreach Center (ROC). One of the key factors for growing interest and excitement came when the ROC was presented with ways to rent, renovate, and expand within an existing building and adjoining land at 2450 Marion Road, in SE Rochester. The ROC currently occupies the Tudor parsonage house and garage at 410 13th Ave SE, Rochester MN. ROC’s vision has grown to encompass ways to create jobs for people who would probably be rejected by most employers. Creating jobs and finding ways to physically support those in need is part of a larger, more important goal of seeing all involved grow and mature emotionally and spiritually. Our prayer is that the spirit of this project will only strengthen with each challenge.

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  1. I attended THE Soul’s Harbor in Minneapolis when I first became a Christian. Saw Andre Crouch/Nicky Cruz there and attended one wedding between Marwan Rifka and his wife Sue. I loved Rev Peterson to death…what a loss it was when he left….such a kind man and heart of God…are you gives affiliated with them? and his son Gordon Jr?

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